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The Watsonian
Whitefish MT, Below Freezing

It’s surreal to believe a few months ago it was practically 100ยบ cooler. In January, right after their Fernie stop, the Humans were taking daily deep turns in Whitefish, Montana. The resort had more snow than they knew what to do with and barely any people; a match made in heaven. We might be having some warm temps right now, but we are sure glad this does not last all year long and we will be able to take some turns and cool off before we know it. Pros and cons to everything.

Chill out and check out some winter wonderland HERE.

Panoramic Left
Panoramic Right
Bottomless turns around every tree.
Pillow lines galore.
Kristy's first accidental log slide.
Deep snow called for the long boards, Academy Merit to the rescue. Stay cool peoples.