Documented Design Inspiration
The Watsonian
Fernie, BC

Legendary Powder = Legendary Adventure. After 23 hours the Humans were glad to arrive at Fernie, British Columbia – nestled into the Canadian Rockies. The ski resort is located a few miles outside of town and another few miles up the mountain. Once the Humans ventured up the mountain to rest they didn’t have any reason to leave. Winter days were spent as they should be: rising to mountain views, playing in the snow, fireplaces / hot tubs, and then a few beers with chili.

A whole lot of flat until we hit the Canadian Rockies. Luckily for a couple hours the sun peaked out and we were able to see the roads. Beyond that we had "Ice Road Truckers" conditions the whole way, white knucklin' it. We see these huge windmill pieces shipped into the Duluth harbor all the time, this guy could be one of them.

Enjoy Fernie HERE.

The yellow spec at the base of the windmill is a big skid loader, quite tall.
Office view for the morning. Rise early, work, then off to play in the snow. A cycle we could get use to.
Another Canadian Spaceship !
Finding deep turns in Timber bowl and hiking Lost Boys Pass.
We take our mid-day tea time religiously, and don't mind it once in a while at mountain top.
Timber Bowl entrance.