Documented Design Inspiration
The Watsonian
Balance Bench

Ah, the balance bench. The Humans built this to assist with my daily mediation. I am on a strict meditation regiment of at least 12-15 hours, per day. They put the bench in the Habitat entryway for their own convenience. The bench is made from left over parallam from the kitchen’s bartop, which was cut, sanded, sealed and sat on.

These beefy boards put the table saw to the test. Sadly, this was Tommy's last project w/ his dad (Kevin). Throughout the years they tackled many projects and ventures together. Now the Humans are putting all learned skills to the test.His dad was quite humorous, one christmas he gave me a present saying it was from "Sherlock." Kevin – know the Humans are doing well and as busy as ever traveling and creating.

Stay balanced my friends, click HERE.

Snipping the chunk-o-bench.
Rocks will catch your fall.
Balance Daniel Son.
In use. When I hear the Humans pull up in the car, I sit here waiting to remind them to feed me.
And greet them as well, but that is secondary.