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The Flood. Ways To Help Duluth, Mn

The Medium Control survived the flooding. However, some of our fellow Duluthians were not as lucky. Your help is greatly appreciated – several charities are taking donations for flood victims.

Salvation Army
Text BUCKET to 80888 to make a $10 donation toward purchasing a cleaning bucket cleaning kit designed for flood victims to be used in the Duluth area.

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Go to

Red Cross or (800) 733-2767. Donors also can text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Duluth Locals
Community Cleanup of Chester Bowl Park
Monday 6/25/2012 7p-8:30p
Details: HERE

We thank you on behalf of our great city, Duluth !

Austin Renegade Recap

Great city, great show. We drove 21+ hours to sling goods at the Renegade Austin Show on May 19-20, 2012. It was worth the drive, sunshine, amazing food and great people. Thanks Austin + Renegade !

Check out our booth HERE.

Whitefish MT, Below Freezing

It’s surreal to believe a few months ago it was practically 100º cooler. In January, right after their Fernie stop, the Humans were taking daily deep turns in Whitefish, Montana. The resort had more snow than they knew what to do with and barely any people; a match made in heaven. We might be having some warm temps right now, but we are sure glad this does not last all year long and we will be able to take some turns and cool off before we know it. Pros and cons to everything.

Chill out and check out some winter wonderland HERE.

Kayaking With A Dinosaur

Like any normal Sunday, the Humans found a Dinosaur. However, there was some paddling involved. The kayak/canoe ventured began on Lake Calhoun thru Lake of the Isles into Cedar Lake and finally making the halfway point at Brownie Lake (view route here). After finding a large native creature, wrestling it and documenting history, they headed back. To catch their breath a break was had on Hidden Beach. Prehistoric stuff. Check out the story HERE.

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Joplin Tornado Relief

The Humans recently arrived home from their Texas road trip. On the way back they made a point to stop in Joplin, MO to see first hand what an EF5 tornado looks like. It was an unbelievably sad sight to experience. While, the Humans wish they could do more than just donate cash, at least it is something. That is why we decided to make a $1.00 donation for every order placed now thru the end of June to the Joplin Humane Society. We can only imagine what both the Humans and the critters are dealing with so hopefully we can help make a small difference.

Or make a donation directly to the Joplin Red Cross HERE.

MN-TX = Renegade Austin

Controlled chaos is an understatement. The Humans have been busier than ever. Many new fun Medium Control ventures in the works that are deploying this month. Currently they are in transit to Austin for the Renegade show. Tomorrow we’ll post a couple shots of the booth and some sneak peaks at some of the new designs and products.

Know any Texas or Austin heads – send them over. We will be slinging goods all Saturday and Sunday. Cheers and hopefully a couple beers.

Portlandia, Gas Guzzling Bitch

The Humans were out in Oregon for a couple days of work, play and catch-up with good friends. There was also good eats consumed at: Le Pigeon, Biwa, and Clyde Common. If you have not seen Portlandia, it’s a must watch; even our friends that live in Portland agree it’s not far off. We were lucky to see a “Portlandia” moment first hand. On a quiet sunday morning, near NW 23rd / Glisan, this went down:

- A big black Cadillac Escalade, driven by a middle aged clean cut woman, blocks the road trying to park.
- A Honda Hybrid, driven by two granola eating middle aged women, was stopped trying to get by the Escalade beast.
- The Honda sneaks thru and yells out “Move you gas guzzling Bitch!”
- Next the Cadillac retorts “Screw you Lady.”
- Swiftly the Honda sneaks thru and the two women laugh away.

That moment topped the trip, so good. View more Portland HERE.

1980 Road Atlas

Life is short, travel more.

View some 80′s map details HERE.

Glacier National Park, MT

After Fernie, BC the Humans made it across the border into Montana. Their first stop of the day was West Glacier in Glacier National Park. They arrived mid-afternoon only a few hours before sunset. Luckily they had enough time to take a little cross-country ski trip to Fish Creek. The snow was flying and the sun was setting over Lake McDonald, a perfectly serene day in the woods. Explore Glacier National Park HERE.

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Fernie, BC

Legendary Powder = Legendary Adventure. After 23 hours the Humans were glad to arrive at Fernie, British Columbia – nestled into the Canadian Rockies. The ski resort is located a few miles outside of town and another few miles up the mountain. Once the Humans ventured up the mountain to rest they didn’t have any reason to leave. Winter days were spent as they should be: rising to mountain views, playing in the snow, fireplaces / hot tubs, and then a few beers with chili.

A whole lot of flat until we hit the Canadian Rockies. Luckily for a couple hours the sun peaked out and we were able to see the roads. Beyond that we had "Ice Road Truckers" conditions the whole way, white knucklin' it. We see these huge windmill pieces shipped into the Duluth harbor all the time, this guy could be one of them.

Enjoy Fernie HERE.

Yakima Skybox 165 Winter Kit


Yakima SkyBox 16s first run:
5 academy snowboards
2 sets of xc skis
2 sets of snowshoes
2739 miles

The Yakima SkyBox was locked and loaded. As always, Yakima continues to impress us with a solid product that brings many trill rides to life (our loaded summer rig here). The Humans 2739 mile journey through some of the most treacherous winter road conditions was only made possible by Yakima + the little SX4. Let’s take a minute to relive the adventure: rain, ice, snow, blowing snow, ZERO visibility and road-blocking drifts. Not to mention – mountains in the dark with gale force winds; mountains in the daylight during a blizzard… not much better. Through it all the SkyBox stood tall and the SX4 kept us warm and moving forward. View the sturdy box HERE.

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Canada Shoots Montana


Canada vs. Montana
Insanely busy this week… Next week we plan on dishing out the can-mt venture.
A good weekend too all.



Canada + Montana
They already had to go back for new adventures: many good tales and pictures to come.



While the snow was piling up in MN the Humans were galavanting around NY. Well, they did work all day Sunday slinging goods at the BUST show. However, they managed to take a day off on Saturday to see the NY Christmas sights. Along with the other couple of million people walking around Time Square and the Rockefeller Tree. Of course after all that walking a few delicious meals were earned. Butternut Squash Pizza, Tuna Sliders, and Smoked Mac & Cheese just to name a few. Mini walk around Manhattan? Click HERE.

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Medium Control Goods will be at the BUST Magazine Craftacular this Sunday in NYC. Stop by and get that holiday shopping wrapped up if you are in the area.


December 12, 10a – 8p

Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th St
New York, NY 10011


Come early and score one of 500+ free goodie bags. Stay late and enjoy
raffle prizes, special guests, DIY demos, DJs, dancing, tasty drinks, and
delicious treats!

Meet best-selling author and comedian Amy Sedaris and pick up a signed
copy of her new book!



This past fall we were fortunate to work with Isotope FIlms on their new award-winning film LOVE ETC. As you might have guessed the film is about love, however it is far from a cheesy love story. LOVE ETC. is a witty, poignant and humorous exploration about the universal stages of love, depicted through five real stories over the course of one year in New York City. It is an amazing film that is as much about the people and their relationships as it is about New York City.

After viewing some of our previous documentary film websites, Isotope Films approached us for a clean design that used subtle graphics from the film. In October the film had it’s debut at the Hamptons International Film Festival and walked away “Audience Award for Best Documentary.” Recently in November they also premiered at IDFA in Amsterdam – selling out all four of their screenings.

Read the film’s synopsis and check out our LOVE ETC site design work HERE.

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The Fall chill seems to be here for good, which reminds us of a nice warm time in Chicago. This past September the Humans spent two action packed days slinging Goods at the Renegade Chicago show. Big thanks to the Renegade folks, family for helping with the booth setup, and to all who stopped by the booth – much appreciated.

Show pictures viewable HERE.

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Fall in, but not out.

Color, Color, and more Color. The Humans managed to make it up to Lutsen Mountain before all the leaves tumbled down. While they were out hiking around, I spent a very entertaining afternoon watching leaves fly by the window. Enter a vibrant weekend on the North Shore HERE.

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A few weeks past, the Humans planned a weekend backpacking trip up the North Shore to hike amongst the vibrant leaves. However, plans changed due to the heavy rain and other factors. Happily, they ended up staying at the wonderful little Croftville Road Cottages for an evening. About a half hour before sundown the Humans hiked in to Judge Magney State Park in time to catch a glimpse of Devil’s Kettle, quite halloweenish with the creeping darkness, foggy paths, and a waterfall that disappears into a pothole. Researchers have never been able to locate the output of water nor is there a satisfactory geological explanation for Devils’ Kettle.

On Saturday, the Humans hiked for hours at Cascade State Park up the Superior Hiking Trail. After some lucky coincidences they were able to wake up in a frosty tent the next morning at Lutsen Mountain. Enter a Weekend in the woods HERE.

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It’s hot in the Midwest today. Luckily Lake Superior acts as a giant air-conditioning unit for Humans and Animals alike. Enter the cool calm HERE.

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The Humans ventured up to Ely, Minnesota otherwise known as the gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Right around berry pickin’ time Ely celebrates with their annual Blueberry festival. The Humans got up early just in time to wait in line for the “all you can eat” Blueberry Pancakes. Then in an effort to work-off the buttery goodness the Humans spent the rest of the day walking around town and kayaking Fall Lake, in the Superior National Forest. As a side note, if you have never been to Ely go soon, it is one of those neat little towns that makes an everlasting impression: Zups, Outfitters, the Chocolate Moose, and people who love the woods…Explore Ely, click HERE.

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The Humans stepped out on the town last night. They ventured over to the Glensheen Mansion on the shores of Lake Superior to listen to the Jim Melde Big Band. While listening to the tunes the Humans strolled through the garden and walked the brick lined paths down to the rocky shore. The best part about the Glensheen lies in its imperfections, cracked bricks, tended gardens which are still slightly overgrown, and a lingering past. The Humans had a feeling that if no one visited the place for a few months the creeping vines could easily take over and only whispers of frolicking individuals would remain.  After the concert the Humans ventured downtown for scallops and wine at Zeitgeist Cafe Arts. Enjoy a summer evening out, click HERE.

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The Humans trekked out for an evening in the woods at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. After a break in the rain the Humans made the almost two mile hike along the shore, down some crazy stairs, past a waterfall, over a bridge to a soggy patch of grass and a private rocky Lake Superior cove, “Crazy Bay.” Starting a fire with only downed wood after about a week of rain was a challenge, but like myself, nothing was going to stand between the Humans and their food. Dinner was served on the private beach under the rising moon. Go outside by a big lake HERE.

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The Humans ventured down to their hometown of Annandale, Minnesota for the Fourth of July weekend. They told me I would have loved the classic three season cabin they rented on the shores of Cedar Lake. Plywood walls, old flip open single pane windows, eclectic furnishings, and the best part a screened in sleeping porch. Pictured above, the bikes sleeping quietly at 3:25a. Step into the cabin, click HERE.

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As much as I enjoy spending my time perched up high, even 300 foot cliffs make me weak in the knees. Palisade Head is a rock formation within Tettegouche State Park on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The Humans recently hiked around Palisade and peered over the edge for a few of these knee tingler shots. Take a look, but don’t fall HERE.

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The Humans have created another Medium Control short in honor of the Great White on Earth Day. Respect the earth, enjoy the earth.

Larger version of the video can be viewed HERE.



Yes, I know it is almost seventy degrees, but the Humans had to share a few more of their snowy escapades from last week. They managed to ride closing day at Bridger Bowl in Bozeman, MT. They told me their favorite part of day was at 4:00 p.m. (closing time) when standing at the top of the mountain, getting ready to drop into a freshly snow filled bowl everyone started cheering and shouting. The natural acoustics of the bowl created a last song of a concert type moment – good days. Enter the closing day HERE.

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Who would have ever thought that the Humans would find seven days of fresh powder in April. They expected to ride slushy spring conditions instead upon arrival they received 16 inches of super light fresh snow. It rained at Mt. Alyeska, Alaska in February and was knee deep at Moonlight Basin and Big Sky, Montana in April, who would have dreamed. It looks like it would have been over my head so I am glad I opted to spend the week lounging in the sun. Fresh snow available HERE.

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The Humans left me behind to go find the last snow of the season. The dusty wind blew them all the way across the Dakotas on their way to Big Sky, Montana. Leaving Minneapolis at 80º and entering Bismarck at 30º, they knew a good storm was a brewin’. Stopping every fifty miles or so makes for a long road trip, but it was the only way for the Humans to capture these images of April in the Dakotas. After viewing these photos I could imagine myself charging across those grasslands in search of other critters. Click here to explore the Dakotas.

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Mondays around our design studio can be a bit hectic… Catching up, finishing up, creating – the endless cycle we have grown to love. Well to be honest the Humans enjoy the hustle and bustle much more than myself. I am a constant reminder to them to take a step back and mellow out. For those other busy Humans around the globe, here is 1 minute of serenity before Monday kicks back in.

HD Mellow Out Monday version found HERE.

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