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New Canadian Dealer ! Clawhammer Letterpress & Gallery

New Dealer: Clawhammer Letterpress & Gallery
Locale: Fernie, BC

Stoked to have Medium Control screen + letterpress prints now available at Clawhammer. Excited for two main reasons:

01. Clawhammer produces their own line of amazing work; letterpress handset type + registration guru’s.
02. Located in FERNIE, BC – land of amazing mountains + snow.

Learn more about Clawhammer here:
Plan a trip to Fernie here:

No doubt we will need to personally visit Clawhammer mid-winter…
Check out our last visit to Fernie:

Welcome our newest dealer
We Are 1976

Dallas, TX = We Are 1976. The We Are 1976 store’s goal is to put usable, livable, wearable, readable, lovable, enjoyable, affordable design into the hands of everyone who desires it. We completely agree and are excited to announce that Medium Control is now available at We Are 1976!