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The Humans realized they sort of left you hanging regarding the future of the the Spaceship. It’s back in action with corrugated steel walls and roof. The Humans kept whining to me about their sore hands after they cut all the metal with a pair of tin snips, but why complain, it got the job done. Then came the facia and soffit another new experience on a ladder. Explore the metal HERE.

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Once the Humans framed up the walls the Spaceship really started to take shape. They ventured over to Walsh Windows and picked out a few new discarded /odds n’ ends windows. Walsh Windows were used throughout the Habitat. These windows are built in the Midwest and ready to battle the harsh elements. The windows were purchase early in the design phase which helped finalize the design and solidify dimensions. Sort of a non-traditional building method but it works for a tiny Spaceship. Tip for saving cash: try contacting local manufactures to see what is taking up space in their warehouse.

Walls to Windows documented HERE.

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Constructing the Spaceship. With the foundation in place the Humans framed up the Spaceship. They learned about proper framing, got to use the nail gun, and how to build headers. At the end of the day they had framed up a micro habitat building.

Check out the framing process HERE.

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Plans to reality, the Spaceship has landed. After picking a prime location in the woods and transplanting many small poplars, the foundation was ready. Well sort of… after wading in mud for a couple of days the Humans had to have a couple cubic yards of pea rock hauled in to create a solid ground foundation. Next, the decision was made to build on stilts, which provides Pepe Le Pew with a secret hideaway. I do admire Pepe’s lovely coat but the Humans have a different opinion about him. Anyway, Kristy’s dad with his carpentry expertise helped the Humans with the critical first stages.

Check out the foundation process HERE.

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Getting close to the encounter. The final design brought the Spaceship one step closer to Earth. As you may have assumed during the Spaceship’s design and construction I spent most of my time observing and critiquing. A skill set I have been getting quite good at. As previously mentioned the Spaceship is a small studio type building the Humans constructed as a relaxing work space. The final Spaceship sketches landed HERE.

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The Humans seem to have a need to build. First the Habitat, now their most recent project called the “Spaceship”. They wanted to build a smaller studio type building for working and relaxing that was under 120 square feet. However, not a fully functioning cabin, more of a shelter. Endless ideas and concepts circled this project and many new skills learned from the Habitat build were put to the test.

Below are the initial sketches for the Spaceship, found HERE.

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