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The Watsonian
Thanks to Beacon + Jon Baugh

It’s that time of year again to get the boards shined up; always around the big feast day. Thankful for many things this year but a special shout out to Jon Baugh. While growing up snowboarding in the midwest Jon’s company, Beacon, was a Minneapolis superstar company selling worldwide. Solid design, color, bit of humor and lots of wit. An all-around amazing company with creative freedom. Seeing this company grow from leashes and stickers to a full line of outwear, was a big inspiration for starting The Medium Control. Around 10 years ago, Jon also helped jump start our company. We were fortunate to collaborate with him on some projects, which lead to our first few graphic design clients. Clients we are proud to still be working with all these years later.

So this Thanksgiving a big thanks to mister Realgood, Jon Baugh – cheers man.